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Spelling & Grammar

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Spelling & Grammar 101:

1. Use proper capitalization. For example the first letter of the first word in EACH sentence and the word "I". The shift key is your friend.

2. Use the spacebar. This keeps your words and sentences apart, not like this: whoareyou? Make sure you seperate your sentences so it doesen't look like this: "Hey I'm ---- who are you what's your name?" It should be: "Hey! I'm ----! Who are you? What's your name?"

3. Use proper puncuation. Put periods, exclamation marks, or question marks at the end of each sentence like so. Be sure to use apostrophes(') in your contractions like so: He doesen't like it, and I'll be back. Not like so: He doesnt like it and ill be back

4. Check your Caps Lock! You should avoid writing in all caps. Remember this is reserved for "shouting".

5. Check you spelling. Yes, we all make spelling mistakes. If you see that you made one, edit it. Poor spelling just makes us look like we're stupid. If you can't spell, use a spell checker. (You can down load Foxfire internet browser which has it built in.)

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