The midterms are upon us!!!

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Re: The midterms are upon us!!!

Post  80-0 on 10/24/2010, 14:19

Jedi Joe wrote:Hey, nothing's wrong with her being a Christian, I never said that. It's the fact that she doesn't get the Constitution. She might make a stand to put young-earth teachings in public school, or things of the like that clearly go against the Constitution.

If she does that she's really out of whack.

The thing is, the idea that America is a Christian nation is the basis for its moral positions, NOT the basis for the personal beliefs of its people. O'Donnell I'm sure knows this much.

She probably won't win, but she's definitely the next Sarah Palin.

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Re: The midterms are upon us!!!

Post  0001 on 10/24/2010, 19:04

I'd love to participate in this conversation, as you guys both seem very well informed on the issues at hand. Unfortunately I have not been following politics of late, and thusly am unfamiliar with the candidates you guys are referring too.

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