In sacramenta et peccata

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In sacramenta et peccata

Post  80-0 on 10/27/2011, 18:55

It's Latin, friends! It means On (or in, as you like it) the sacraments and sin.

On the sacraments:

On sin:

I don't have a quote from the articles this time: I can only ask you to read the articles with as open a mind as you can muster. What arguments you may have against them, I will face as best I can, but this is life and death, you guys. Life and death of the soul.

Whether or not you believe the soul can die in sin, I do, and only one Church that I know of has answers to such serious problems of our day and age as we are forced to face with what little wisdom we can rally strengthened by the lessons imparted on us by history and from the words of Christ through the prophets and the evangelists.

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Re: In sacramenta et peccata

Post  0001 on 11/1/2011, 10:22

Hmmm I'm not sure if the soul can die in sin, but I guess metaphorically it can. I mean if you think about people who get so into drugs and such, they end up just kind of walking zombies, not truly there. Also if you do get so awash with sin you become open to demonic possession which I guess could be viewed as a sort of death of the soul. The articles were quite interesting as I'm not very knowledgeable on these subjects.

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