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Signature Rules

Post  Admin on 7/8/2009, 22:01

1. Advertising. No advertising for auctions/products in your signatures, as well as no links to commercial interests. If you are an entrepenuer or inventor and want to advertise a product you designed, contact staff for permission.

2. Linkaging. You may post links to other pages in this site, as well as links to other related sites. However, you are limited to one link in your signature, whether it be coded into a picture or text. You may not link to sites that do not meet the oral or ethical interests of this site.

3. Images. You may have up to one image in your signature. The maximum size for an image is 200x200 pixels. The image must not contain any graphic content (Subject to the opinions of the Staff). The image may not be an animated GIF.

4. Text. You are limited to eight lines of text in your signature. A blank line is considered as text. A 'Line' is not determined by how it appears, but on how it is written in the signature editing box.

5. Videos. You may not have any sort of flash or video embeded in your signature.

6. Violations. If you violate any of the rules on signatures, your signature rights will be removed, possibly permanantly. Also, signature violations will be counted as regular violations to this site.

The reason we have so many rules on signaures is because the more content on a page, the longer it will take to load.


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